Your biggest struggle in Nursing School is:

Test Anxiety

The Good News

You know more than you think you do, because Test Anxiety has hidden your true level of nursing knowledge. That’s why your grades don’t reflect all the hard work and studying you have done so far. But once you get your test anxiety under control, you’ll probably see an immediate boost in exam grades because they will finally be an accurate reflection of your true knowledge.

The Bad News

When you have Test Anxiety, it’s rare that it’s your only nursing school struggle. In fact, test anxiety most often develops as a result of at least one other common struggle that you experienced first. So even after your test anxiety is under control and your tests finally reflect your true level of knowledge, you may discover that you still have some additional changes to make before nursing school becomes easier. 

What You've Tried

Studying, praying, studying, hoping, studying, deep breathing, studying… And when you ask your professor (or anyone, for that matter) for help, they basically tell you, “Just try not to be so anxious.” Of course, if it were THAT easy, then nobody would EVER struggle with Test Anxiety! It’s frustrating, because you get vague advice, without anybody ever offering a specific action plan for how to overcome your Test Anxiety.

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The Truth Is...

Conquering your Test Anxiety is unexpectedly straightforward using a few simple, well-researched cognitive behavioral techniques. In fact, it can be under control in as little as 2 weeks by following the simple (and kind of fun) 4-R Method.

But before I share more, let me tell you who I am, because...

…these days you can get nursing school study advice from just about anyone with an internet connection and a YouTube account. Just because somebody is an expert nurse, though, doesn’t make them an expert educator.

I’ve been successfully educating nursing students for over 12 years, and I specialize in helping nursing students who work hard, spend (too much) time studying…and still can’t figure out why nursing school hasn’t “clicked” yet. 

I have a BSN and an MA in Clinical Psychology…and I use both to help you get through nursing school confidently and calmly. Because there’s no point becoming a nurse if you’re already burnt out from nursing school, right?

So how do I get rid of my Test Anxiety?

Your thoughts influence your actions a lot more than you realize, so the key is to start noticing your thoughts first. Chances are, you are telling yourself a lot of negative, half-truths that are influencing the way you feel and significantly increasing your anxiety…which then affects your test grades.

That’s why the 4-R Method is so powerful. It’s something you can DO, versus simply “trying” to feel less anxious. It provides a step-by-step plan for how to Realize what you’re thinking, Remove the negative thoughts (using a simple behavioral trick), Replace those thoughts with something more realistic (no Pollyanna-ish thoughts allowed!), and get you Results in as little as 2 weeks. 

But once you manage to get rid of your Test Anxiety, you also have to have a long-term plan in place to keep it away…for good. 

Remember how I said that Test Anxiety is rarely the only problem you’ll have? After Test Anxiety is taken care of, you need to make sure that you’re finding and addressing any other nursing school problems you may have, or else the Test Anxiety will return…with a vengeance.

To Fix Test Anxiety, I Recommend...

  • Review the Conquer Test Anxiety mini-course, so that you know exactly what to do to get your Test Anxiety under control within 2 weeks (hint: you’ll need a rubberband…)
  • Watch the Silver Bullet Study System Module about Critical Thinking, so that once your Test Anxiety is gone you will have a plan in place to make sure that it never returns.
  • Participate in the VIP Facebook group: Share your story, let us know that you’re starting the 4-R Method today, and post your progress to keep yourself accountable and encouraged.  

Next Steps...

Right now, you may be thinking, “Okay, tell me exactly what to do!” OR “But what happens if I get rid of my Test Anxiety and realize I have a second, underlying problem too?” 

That’s why I created the VIP Tutoring Membership…to provide Live Tutoring Support, a community of encouraging nursing students,  and a virtual library of online resources to make nursing school easier.

When you join, you get immediate access to all the resources I recommend to fix your Test Anxiety, PLUS the opportunity to attend Live Tutoring Sessions, receive help and mentorship, AND connect with other motivated nursing students in our private Facebook group. It’s like having a private tutor “on-call” to answer all your nursing school questions, while simultaneously being encouraged by a crowd of your biggest cheerleaders.

The fastest way to learn is by doing...

…and you’ve already shown that you’re not afraid to do new things! So if you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming an even more amazing, soon-to-be-nurse, then click here to learn more about Your Nursing Tutor VIP Tutoring Membership.

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