Study Like a Nurse

and you will

Think Like a Nurse,

make better grades, and soon

Become a Nurse

like you were meant to be!!


Yet another overwhelming resource full of “have to know” details that (let’s be honest here…) you’ll never retain for the long-term.

Not to mention the guilt and feelings of failure that come with having a “bad” memory…and a bad exam grade 😩


An entirely new way of studying.

You have to Study Like a Nurse (not a student), so that you can:

  • Easily identify the most important information hidden within the excessive amount of reading you’re assigned for each exam
  • Confidently answer those (formerly) frustrating “prioritization” type questions
  • Take a (guilt-free!) study-break because you KNOW you understand the info in a way you’ll never forget.
  • Get better grades with less stress…what better form of self-care IS there in Nursing School?!?

Don’t waste any more time struggling through Nursing School.  

Hey there, Nursing Student! (or Pre-Nursing Student!) 

If you don’t already know me, my name is Nicole Whitworth, BSN, RN.

I’m a Professional Nursing Tutor with 14+ years experience…even though I failed my very first nursing school quiz when I first started nursing school. 
It was a HUGE blow for this hardworking perfectionist back then…especially because I had always gotten good grades before. It made me wonder…maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a nurse after all?!?
Luckily, I realized that nursing school was unlike ANYTHING I had ever studied before (even though I also had a previous MA in Clinical Psychology!). 

I needed to figure out a different approach to studying so that I NEVER failed another nursing test…and I found it!

In fact, my method worked so well that my school hired me as their official nursing school tutor by the end of that same semester.
After graduating in 2008, nursing students continued asking me for help. I realized that most students were smart enough to know, deep down, that the common nursing school advice they got from other “experts” (including their instructors!!) wasn’t helping.
This led me to create Your Nursing Tutor and the Study Like a Nurse Training Program, which provides an affordable source of tutoring, mentoring, and positive support, no matter where you’re at on your nursing journey. 

If you want to THRIVE in Nursing School then I encourage you to check out my

Study Like a Nurse Training Program.