Wait! I know you’re tired of feeling like a crying hot mess who can’t keep up with the assigned readings…

...and you’re ready to calmly & confidently understand the most important nursing info...

Which is why you need to:

1. Head over to your inbox and find the email from “Nicole || Your Nursing Tutor” – Subject line 🏅 URGENT: VIP Membership with Your Nursing Tutor

2. Click on the link to join the VIP Facebook group (make sure to enter your email address when answering the Group Member questions on Facebook to get approved faster!).

3. While you’re waiting to be accepted in the VIP Facebook Group, head over to the online classroom and check out your new resources…I recommend starting with the Silver Bullet Study System 😉)

4. Stop feeling overloaded and burnt out, as you get the support you need to learn to think like a nurse!

Be sure to check every nook & cranny of your inbox (including the spam & promotion tab) for: 🏅 URGENT: VIP Membership with Your Nursing Tutor

If you don’t see it after 5 minutes, please email me at Nicole(at)YourNursingTutor(.)com

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