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6 Best FREE Facebook Groups for Nursing Students

Surround yourself with people who understand what you're going through.

I’ve got to put this one first on the list because it’s MY Facebook group! Connect with encouraging nursing students, and have a safe place to ask questions, vent, and know that you’re not alone. You also get access to free resources to make nursing school easier, and occasionally I even offer bonus trainings via Facebook Live.

This is one of the larger Facebook groups for nursing students, and can serve as a “hive mind” for asking questions, learning from other students’ experiences, and connecting with people on all parts of their nursing. It was started by Erica, a current Labor & Delivery nurse, while she was still in nursing school. She does an excellent job of moderating comments so that the conversations stay high-quality and helpful!

This group is truly what it says it is! It’s a lovely community of both nursing students AND experienced nurses from around the globe who are passionate about breaking the “tradition” of nurses eating their young. Whether you’re a student, new grad, or experienced nurse, this group is a safe place to ask questions and seek advice from others with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

This is another large group, with a stated mission of empowering BOTH nurses and students through community. Questions that lead to good discussion are encouraged, and the “search” feature is an excellent resource for finding answers quickly. They also offer a ton of interesting Q&A videos and other resources under the “Guides” tab.

This is an active group focused on being “a safe haven for black bodies to be able to vent and to be understood by people who look just like themselves.” It’s absolutely true that black healthcare workers often face an extra layer of challenges through nursing school and beyond. So if that is you, make sure to join this community and let your voice be heard and validated.

More and more nursing students are returning to nursing school after “living some life”. Besides the inevitable question (“Am I too old to start?!?”), non-traditional students face additional challenges that their straight-out-high-school classmates may not have. Think working, kids, family, household bills, and even wondering if your brain can memorize as well as it used to…this is a group of future nurses that is in the same life space as you.

Ok, this one’s not free BUT it’s worth it…although it’s possible I’m a bit biased 😉 

Unlike the free Facebook group mentioned in #1, this group is only for paid members of the Your Nursing Tutor VIP Tutoring Membership. Also unlike the free group, you can post ANY of your nursing school questions and get a guaranteed answer from a professional nursing tutor with 12+ years experience (that would be me!). In addition, you also get access to live tutoring sessions via Zoom and other online resources that will make nursing school a LOT easier for you.