Studying harder won’t help you

It always saddens me to hear the one piece of advice that nursing students often receive when they’re not doing as well as they want to in school.  This advice can come from family, friends, co-workers, or even well-meaning teachers…but it’s usually dead wrong!  What is this wrong advice that keeps floating around?

That all you need to do is “study harder” in order to see more success in nursing school.  

(Quick side note here.  This is advice is totally wrong for hardworking nursing students like you who are already spending a ton of time and effort studying.  There’s always going to be the occasional, lazy student that prefers watching TV to studying, but that’s not the type of student we’re talking about right now…yes, those students really DO need to study harder!  Okay, this side note is over, back to the point.)
Don’t believe me that studying harder won’t work?  Just think about someone who’s trying to lift a 250 pound weight, but can’t seem to get it off the ground.  Would you tell them to “try harder” to lift that heavy weight?  No way!  In this situation, it’s obvious that “trying harder” would probably result in a serious injury.  And realistically, it won’t help anyway because this person just doesn’t have the muscle to lift 250 pounds.
So if “trying harder” won’t work, then what will?

Training harder.

In order for our weight lifter to be successful, he needs to train harder, not try harder.  He needs an expert trainer to guide him through the process of training and strengthening his muscles before he will see the success he wants and be able to lift that 250 pound weight.
The same is true for you.  Nursing school is your 250 pound weight right now, and studying harder is not going to get you the success that you’re hoping for.  Instead, you need to find a way to train harder.  And that’s going to require you to find new, proven methods of study that will help you learn and retain nursing information better than you’re able to do right now.
Will your success happen overnight?  Of course not!  A single day of weight training won’t allow you to lift a 250 pound weight, and a single day of using new study methods won’t get you an A+ on your next exam.  But with some focused energy and some time, I know that you can start to see the success you want.  In fact, I’m confident you can because I’ve seen so many nursing students do it before you.
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