1. nursenat

    Hi Nicole,

    I know this was posted over two years ago but I am currently studying for my NCLEX (just graduated) and I found this post really helpful! Especially the questions section at the end – in practice NCLEX questions they are worded just like this! Thanks for your help!


  2. david Townsend

    wow I really like how you explain these types of meds to me. I’ve been having problems remembering these (MAOI & SSRI) and after reading this once I feel I got a great handle on them now! especially how you give us a type of Nclex question to look for and understand! Thank you!


    Am so glad for the offer you have given me. I know, with the knowledge you are giving me, i will be the be the best nurse in my school. Of course you being my best tutor for me. Am expecting much from you. Thanks a lot .

  4. Wolkcn

    It’s not that SSRIs “have very few side effects” it’s that they are commonly not reported by the mainstream medical culture. As a matter of fact, SSRIs have several very serious side effects as it is a misconception that serotonin is the happy hormone. A number of studies showed that serotonin leads to brain degeneration, the restriction of blood flow in the brain, inflammation, free radical production, stress hormone release, metabolic disruption, cancer, etc (see http://www.supplements-and-health.com/tryptophan-side-effects.html ). SSRIs specifically have been demonstrated to increase suicide, homicide, and aggression due the induction of brain dysfunction.

    • Although on a personal level I might tend to agree with you that ALL medications have side effects that go underreported by mainstream medical culture (or at least are very poorly understood), it IS true that when it comes to studying for nursing school or NCLEX that you have to know what the mainstream medical culture believes in order to get the questions correct. In that sense, there’s no argument that compared to older anti-depressants, SSRI’s have relatively fewer side effects. Increase in suicide attempts is definitely one I mention though!

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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