Your biggest struggle in Nursing School is:

Knowledge Gaps

The Good News

You have a strong work ethic, and a “never give up” attitude. You simply haven’t been told yet how to best apply your strengths…or you’ve been given bad advice in the past. Either way, once you understand what you should really spend your time studying (versus what you currently spend time studying…), you will catapult yourself to nursing school success.

The Bad News

Even though you may “feel like” you know your Anatomy & Physiology (and other pre-req info), the reality is that you still have a lot of foundational knowledge gaps. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why it’s harder for you to make connections between the nursing information…and those connections are required in order to start thinking like a nurse. 

What You've Tried

You feel like all you ever do is study, but it always seems to be the wrong info. When you asked your professor for help, she suggested that you practice more NCLEX-style questions and get a new review book on top of studying for your current classes. You’re trying to use every resource you can, but honestly you’re just starting to feel burnt out and don’t know what to do.

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The Truth Is...

You don’t need to buy another review book, and you don’t need to magically find more time to study. All you really need is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step study plan like the Silver Bullet Study System to guide you through reviewing your foundational knowledge while simultaneously studying for your current nursing classes…all in less time then you’re probably studying now.

But before I share more, let me tell you who I am, because...

…these days you can get nursing school study advice from just about anyone with an internet connection and a YouTube account. Just because somebody is an expert nurse, though, doesn’t make them an expert educator.

I’ve been successfully educating nursing students for over 12 years, and I specialize in helping nursing students who work hard, spend (too much) time studying…and still can’t figure out why nursing school hasn’t “clicked” yet. 

I have a BSN and an MA in Clinical Psychology…and I use both to help you get through nursing school confidently and calmly. Because there’s no point becoming a nurse if you’re already burnt out from nursing school, right?

So how do I get rid of my Knowledge Gaps?

Consistently using the 4-steps of the Silver Bullet Study System will help you build your foundational knowledge PLUS prepare you for your next nursing exam…all without added time or stress. 

It works because you can immediately apply your foundational knowledge to whatever you need to know on your next nursing exam. Not only does that make your foundational knowledge easier to retain for the long-term, but you will also find that it quickly becomes easier to understand the new nursing info, as well. Win, win!

Here’s a quick overview of the 4 Steps:

  1. Foundational 15: Spend 15 minutes reviewing the foundational knowledge you need to understand before studying your current topic. 
  2. The Humpty Dumpty Factor: Identify what’s “broken” in the new disease process you are studying, using a single sentence.
  3. Predicting Symptoms: Based on what you learned in steps 1 & 2, act like a fortune teller and practice predicting which symptoms are most likely to show up on the exam…before looking in your textbook.
  4. Identifying Interventions: This is where you finally get into specific nursing and medical care, so start by predicting the nursing care that you’re already familiar with, then look for the rest in your textbook. 

Studying this way will allow you to gradually fill in all of your knowledge gaps, when you need them most, while easily keeping up with your current studies. In addition, it will also automatically train you to think like a nurse because you start noticing the repeating patterns of information that you need to know for nursing school.

To Fix Knowledge Gaps, I Recommend...

  • Watch the Silver Bullet Study System (Module 3) and download the easy-to-follow study outline so that you can easily review at the same time that you’re preparing for your next exam. (Then move on to Module 4 when you’re ready to use it for Psych/OB/Peds)
  • Review the Conquer Test Anxiety mini-course, just in case, because it’s common for test anxiety to develop after struggling with knowledge gaps.
  • Participate in the VIP Facebook group: Feel supported, get connected with a group of nursing students who know exactly what you’re going through, and feel that you are not alone in this.

Next Steps...

Right now, you may be wondering, “Can I see an example of the Silver Bullet Study System in action?” OR “How do I know exactly what to review during the Foundational 15?” OR “How do I use this study system for Psych/OB/Peds?” 

That’s why I created the VIP Tutoring Membership…to provide Live Tutoring Support, a community of encouraging nursing students,  and a virtual library of online resources to make nursing school easier.

When you join, you get immediate access to all the resources I recommend to fix your Knowledge Gaps, PLUS the opportunity to attend Live Tutoring Sessions, receive help and mentorship, AND connect with other motivated nursing students in our private Facebook group. It’s like having a private tutor “on-call” to answer all your nursing school questions, while simultaneously being encouraged by a crowd of your biggest cheerleaders.

The fastest way to learn is by doing...

…and you’ve already shown that you’re not afraid to do new things! So if you’re ready to take the next step towards becoming an even more amazing, soon-to-be-nurse, then click here to learn more about Your Nursing Tutor VIP Membership.

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