Study Like a Nurse Training Program

This is where I teach you how to Study Like a Nurse so you can Think Like a Nurse and soon Become a Nurse. It is offered at three different levels of membershp to meet your unique needs. Online courses, vibrant community, and live group tutoring are just the tools. What you’ll actually get is a new nursing school experience minus the stress, overwhelm, and loneliness. 

Dosage Calculations Boootcamp Course

Build your confidence and learn an easy-to-follow method that guarantees you’ll never get a Dosage Calc wrong again! 

Lifetime Access for only $27!

Silver Bullet Study System Bootcamp Course

Learn my proven 4-step study method that will have you memorizing less and understanding more. No more cramming and no more overwhelm. THIS is how you study like a NURSE!

Lifetime Access for only $27!