Hypotonic Solution: Clearly Explained for Nursing Students

Hypotonic Solution: Clearly Explained for Nursing Students What makes a hypotonic solution…hypotonic? Here’s a clear explanation for HOW and WHY hypertonic IV solutions work so that you can be confident in knowing which situations to use them in during nursing school. If you haven’t already seen the explanation of results from my Osmosis Experiment, make sure to check … [Read more…]

How to Study Endocrine in Med-Surg

I love seeing that “lightbulb” moment when students realize that they’ve been making the endocrine system a lot harder than it needs to be. Which is why I was so surprised when I realized that I’ve never, ever explained the best way to study Endocrine diseases on this blog. After all, Endocrine is only about the … [Read more…]

I Hate Mnemonics

I hate mnemonics.  Maybe that’s a little bit extreme, or even inflammatory.  After all, you can find entire study books dedicated to nursing mnemonics.  Maybe I should say “I Hate Most Mnemonics,” or even “Mnemonics are Not Your Friend.” Whatever.  The truth remains that I generally don’t like mnemonics.  I’ve seem them misused waaaaay too often by students.  And … [Read more…]