Newborn Birthmarks

Even though we’re supposed to think babies are cute, let’s face it…newborns look kind of weird when they first come out!  Standardized exams like HESI and NCLEX (not to mention your class exams) will frequently test you on whether you can tell the difference between a harmless mark on a newborn, and one that requires a nursing intervention.  They might describe the newborn’s appearance, including “unusual” markings, then ask something like “What would be your priority action,” or “What could you teach the parents?”  If the marking on the newborn is harmless, then you can simply document and teach the parents that it is fine.  In many cases (but not all!) birth marks will fade or go away with time.  If not, or if they are in an very noticeable location like the face, then laser treatments can help to fade or remove them as well.

For some more information, check out this article on birthmarks from Baby Center, and make sure to peek at some birthmark pictures from the KidsGrowth website, too.

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