ATTN: Overwhelmed Nursing Student!

Discover the Secret to Studying Efficiently, Comfortably Passing Exams, and Graduating with Confidence – No More Endless Reading or Confusion!

Hey Future Nurse!

Are you ready to lose the nursing school nerves and approach Nursing School with confidence?

Because I know you’ve heard all the horror stories, but I’m here to tell you…

Nursing School Horror Stories do NOT have to be YOUR Story ❤️

I know that sounds crazy, because everybody (including your instructors!) is always telling you to “read the textbook”, “print the PowerPoints”, and “just study what the instructor lectures on…”

…but after all that wasted time & effort, you end up tested on all the topics you DIDN’T study 😒 Frustrating!!

Guess What? This ONE Study Strategy Switch Will Make You Study Smarter, NOT Harder…

Hi, I’m Nicole!

I’m a BSN RN and Professional Nursing Tutor with over 15 years experience, and I’ve helped thousands of nursing students successfully get through nursing school confidently, calmly, and efficiently…all while maintaining a healthy school/life balance in the process.

So how can you avoid living in a nursing school horror story?

Simple! Start using the Silver Bullet Study System, a study strategy that grows your all-important clinical judgment skills

…because Good Clinical Judgment is Essential to “Think Like a Nurse”.

Now, you might be thinking, “I already study everything I’m told to study, and I’m doing everything I’m told to do! How can I find the time to study even MORE?!?

Don’t Worry! There’s No Need to Study More, Just Differently.

So why is Clinical Judgment the most important thing to study?

Here’s 3 Reasons Why…

  1. It’s your REAL goal: If you graduate with straight A’s, but can’t think like a nurse…you’re not going to feel successful.
  2. Better Judgment, Better Grades: NGN NCLEX directly tests your clinical judgment…so your class exams will, too.
  3. Traditional Methods Won’t Work: “Listen to lecture, print the powerpoints, and read the textbook” doesn’t work. You need active learning strategies to develop Clinical Judgment.

Now you might be asking, “How do I do this? How do I focus on clinical judgment when studying?”

It’s simple…study with an easy-to-follow strategy that mimics the way experienced nurses think, so YOU learn to think that way, too!

Introducing: The Silver Bullet Study System – Your Proven Path to Success in Nursing School (and Beyond!)

Hear what other Nursing Students have to say about it…

Amy - "You make me feel like a normal person can do this..."

What Is The Silver Bullet Study System?

It’s a simple, 4-step study strategy you can use to understand any topic in Nursing School (and for a lot of pre-reqs, too!)

Watch the video to learn more!
  • Bye-Bye, Overwhelm: Peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to study
  • Keep Studying Simple: Follow the same 4 steps every time, for every class
  • Universal: Yes…I said every class! Even nursing-related pre-requisites.
  • Really Universal: Works for any pre-licensure program-LPN/LVN, RN, direct-entry MSN, Traditional, Accelerated, ADN, BSN…you get the idea.
  • Anybody Can Do It: Whether you’re brand new to nursing school with zero healthcare experience, or an experienced pro who needs to think a new way
  • Real Understanding, Not Just Memorizing: Truly understand concepts, vs cramming more facts
  • Boost Your Confidence: Walk into exams feeling sure of yourself, knowing you can think through the answers!

Beatrice - "It's like an eye opener!"

Now, you might still be thinking…

This sounds great, but I still want personalized tutoring and support!

In that case…

Awesome! Then Welcome to Your Nursing Tutor’s LIVE Group Tutoring Membership!

If you love the idea of the Silver Bullet Study System, but want personalized guidance and tutoring support to speed up your learning process (AND your confidence!), then this is for you.


Our LIVE Group Tutoring Membership includes REAL LIFE support from REAL PEOPLE who truly care, AND know exactly how to help you


(aka: it’s more than just video recordings!):

Weekly Live Group Tutoring (plus recordings)

Personalized feedback on your Silver Bullet Study usage, ensuring you’re on the right track. Get direct guidance during our weekly group tutoring to adjust and adapt your approach for every topic, saving you precious study time.

24/7 Community & Tutoring Forums

Missed live tutoring? Got a 2am question? Ask questions, vent, or share celebrations in our forums. It’s a safe, reliable place to connect with expert tutors, receive encouragement, and grow your nursing confidence.

Weekly Nursing Student Support Group

A community where every nursing student feels at home. Whether you’re juggling the responsibilities of work and family, or focusing solely on school, this is your space to engage with others who understand, and leave refreshed and ready to tackle anything!

Erica - "I'm older now...and meeting you is so refreshing...thank you so much!"

Jill - "I made a 100% on the first try following your system!"

And of course, Our LIVE Group Tutoring Membership also includes curated, on-demand resources, helping you avoid common Nursing School pit falls and speeding your success…

FULL Silver Bullet Study System (w/ BONUSES & Study Guides)

Dive into the upgraded SBSS library of completed study guide examples & bonus explanations. Experience the thrill of those “AHA” study moments that prove you’re finally studying the most important info!

Conquer Dosage Calculations Method (w/ videos solutions)

Easily master Dosage Calculations in as little as a day, even if you hate math…or math hates you! No more cold sweats before your required dosage calc exam, once you can confidently (and accurately!) solve any kind of dosage calc.

Time Management Mastery

You deserve a schedule aligned with YOUR unique priorities. No need to “say goodbye to fun” (OR family…) when you know how to prioritize what truly matters to you.

Eliminate Test Anxiety for Good

Discover the 3-step method that ends the constant second-guessing and exam jitters. Let your exams be an accurate representation of what you really know, so you can radiate confidence in both classes and clinicals.

BONUS-Guide to the New NCLEX

Stressed about the newest NCLEX? Separate fact from fiction, understanding what you can start doing right now to prepare…whether you’re pre-nursing OR soon-to-graduate.

BONUS-20-min Care Plan Solution

Impress your instructors and grow your clinical judgment in only 20-min. Stop wasting time wondering what to write, and clearly “connect-the-dots” for yourself.

✅ Ready to Get Started? ✅

Choose Which Option is Best for You:

What's Included...


Silver Bullet Study System Jumpstart

One-Time Payment: $97

Live Support:

Your Nursing Tutor Membership

Monthly: $97/mo

(Cancel Anytime!)

Silver Bullet Study System (w/ Template)
SBSS Study Guide Examples
SBSS Bonus Resources
LIVE Group Tutoring (+Recordings)
LIVE Nursing Student Support Group
24/7 Tutoring Forum
Private Tutoring Podcast
Conquer Dosage Calculations (w/Video Solutions)
Time Management Mastery
Eliminate Test Anxiety
BONUS Guide to the New NCLEX
BONUS 20-min Care Plans Solution
Cancel Anytime
30-day, Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee with Memberships!

When you join the Your Nursing Tutor Membership option, you can test out the Silver Bullet Study System, attend live tutoring sessions, and ask ALL your questions for AN ENTIRE MONTH at ZERO RISK.

All we ask is that you actually attend at least 1 tutoring session (OR listen/watch a recording if it doesn’t fit your schedule), and complete at least 1 Silver Bullet Study System Outline on your own (we’ll teach you how!.

After that, if you don’t think the membership is a good fit for you, just email us within your first 30-days and we’ll happily provide a full refund.

Gina Marie - "I can't believe it's so easy the way you teach it!"

P.S. One more thing you should know…

While the “Self-Study: Silver Bullet Study System Jumpstart” is almost always available, the Your Nursing Tutor Membership is NOT always available.

WHY? Because our top priorities are:
– Making every tutoring session personal & effective
– Understanding your unique situation
– Guaranteeing you get answers to all your questions

In other words, whenever we hit our member limit, we pause new enrollments so that we can continue to serve current members the way they need (and deserve!).

So if the membership is available to join today, don’t wait! It may not be available tomorrow.

Or maybe this really isn’t for you?

The Silver Bullet Study System might not be the right fit IF…

  • …you value straight A’s more than “thinking like a nurse”
  • …you’d prefer to be “spoon-fed” info, versus becoming an independent learner
  • …you refuse to let go of old-school memorization strategies, hoping they’ll still work
  • …your only focus is the short-term results of your next exam
  • …your life responsibilities are covered, with no need to worry about school/life balance


The Self-Study: Silver Bullet Study System Jumpstart is a video course that teaches everything you need to know to get started using the Silver Bullet Study system. It also includes a blank template with hints/tricks to remind you as you’re studying. It is a one-time payment. It DOES NOT include any tutoring or live support.

The Your Nursing Tutor Membership includes ALL of the Silver Bullet Study System training + bonus materials, plus additional trainings for all the common Nursing School pitfalls (like Dosage Calculations, Test Anxiety, Time Management, etc). It is a subscription payment, and you can cancel anytime without penalty. It DOES include live group tutoring and forum support to answer all your questions on any nursing school topic.

No social media is required to access Your Nursing Tutor Resources.

After purchasing/joining, you will immediately receive an email with login details (check spam or promotion tab if you don’t see it) All your new resources can be accessed directly from the Your Nursing Tutor members login area, including Live Tutoring sessions and the Tutoring Forum.

Think about it: Failing a class can be costlier than our monthly membership. Hiring a typical tutor runs $50+ per hour, with no guarantee that they’ll do anything more than reteach what you already learned in lecture. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but our 30-day money-back guarantee makes it risk-free to join and find out for yourself.

Most nursing school resources rely on flashcards, memorization, or “spoon feeding” you the information. With Your Nursing Tutor, we focus directly on developing your Clinical Judgment skills, the #1 thing you’re tested on in nursing school.

Not only that, but none of the other common Nursing School resources out there provide direct access to professional nursing tutors who can assess your personal situation and customize your study approach. Sometimes, it just takes a real person to help you fast track your success!

Many students see grade improvements in as little as a week or 2, while other students see more gradual improvements.

Generally speaking, students who attend tutoring sessions, ask questions in the forums, and try using the Silver Bullet Study System for themselves (and get feedback in tutoring and the forum!) experience the fastest and best results, get the best grades, and save the most study time long-term.

Yes! The Silver Bullet Study System is a strategy, NOT a “tactic”, so it’s easily adapted to any learning style. Whether you learn best via auditory, visual, or hands-on (or something else!), we can chat in the Live Tutoring sessions to make sure you know exactly what to do to make it work for your learning style.

Every future nurse has the same goal: to learn Clinical Judgment, pass NCLEX, and become an amazing nurse! That’s why the Silver Bullet Study System works for ANY pre-licensure program, no matter if you’re in LPN/LVN, RN, direct-entry MSN, ADN, BSN, Traditional, Accelerated, Bridging, or something else. 

If your ultimate goal is to think like a nurse and develop your Clinical Judgment, then we can help.

If you’re pre-nursing, the best time to join is within 1-3-months before starting your core nursing classes. 


If you’ve already started nursing school, the best time to join is today! 

Even if you are still pre-nursing, on break between semesters, OR you’ve failed a class and are preparing to retake, there are multiple things I can help you with right now that will prepare you to be a more confident and effective student when classes start. When possible, it’s always easier to prevent nursing school problems, versus fixing them after they’ve already occurred.

Join the Your Nursing Tutor Membership, test it out, and if it’s not a good fit then email us at within your first 30-days to receive a full refund. No risk for you!


All we ask is that you attend at least 1 tutoring session (OR list/watch a recording if it doesn’t fit your schedule), and complete at least 1 Silver Bullet Study System Outline (we’ll teach you how!).

Yes, I have limited availability to provide 1:1 tutoring at a rate of $1000/mo. However…

…I can already tell you that in our 1:1 tutoring we will be doing the same things and helping you the same way that I help ALL my Your Nursing Tutor members. That’s why I recommend the membership as an equally effective (and much more affordable!) solution for most nursing students.

If you would still prefer 1:1 tutoring with me, then email to ask if I have any openings for 1:1 tutoring clients.

Yes! We have contract options available for Nursing Schools to provide Your Nursing Tutor access to students.

We also offer Live Workshops on the Silver Bullet Study System and/or Conquer Dosage Calculations (in-person OR online options available).

Please contact our team at to request more information.

Yes, you can email us at, OR schedule a phone call by going here:

Now that you've read the whole page, it's time to make a decision. What's it going to be?