1. Clara

    I understand that memorization may not be the most effective way to study. But I don’t necessarily think either that memorization is a bad method of study for example to learn the symptoms of heart failure. Ones you understand the concepts of each symptom than memorization can play a perfect role. Thanks.

    • Hi Clara, Thanks for your comment! That’s really my point though. that you have to understand the CONCEPT of each symptom in order to understand it and retain it for the long-term. And that’s different from the type of rote memorization that I think is (generally) “bad.” When you simply try to memorize a list of symptoms without taking the time to understand the concepts first, then those symptoms will get fuzzy in your memory as time passes, and will be easily confused with other disorders and symptoms. But you’re right, even rote memorization can play a positive role in studying…just in very limited situations, such as memorizing lab values.

  2. Liz

    You definitely put things into prospective. Especially when you add the article regarding the best way to study to this one…

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