How to Stay Motivated

One of the toughest things in nursing school is staying motivated to do the hard work and studying that needs to be done in order to succeed.  It gets even harder when you encounter a challenge like failing a class, an exit HESI, or NCLEX.  How do you hang on to that fresh, excited, energetic feeling you had on the first day of nursing school?

Zig Ziglar, a well-known motivational speaker and successful salesman, says, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.”  How true!  We can’t expect that the motivation we have on Day One of nursing school will stay strong unless we are frequently (constantly?) renewing it.

With the new Fall semester getting ready to begin, I challenge you to find some ways to motivate yourself daily.  For me, that usually means I find time to read the Bible, pray, watch a movie, or make time for a nice, long nap.  It doesn’t have to take long (in fact, since you’re in nursing school, many days you’ll only have time for a short dose of motivation!).  Maybe you spend a minute daydreaming about what a great nurse you’re going to be.  Or maybe you spend a few extra minutes playing with your kids to remind you of why you’re going back to school.  Whatever you do, motivate yourself daily!

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  1. Sham

    Hey! Just wanted to say I came here to be motivated for my final placement of nursing! And realising that you’re Christian and how you mentioned reading the bible and praying motivated me pretty much haha
    Thanks for being bold for Christ! Bless you! Xx

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