1. Amber

    So I took my Hesi yesterday & PASSED with a 90% average!!!! I studied for about a week, but wouldn’t recommend doing so. 2 weeks would be just right I think. I didn’t have to complete the A&P or physics portion. The test alloted exactly 4 hours to complete, and I took it down to the very last minute! Lol But I really just wanted to use my time wisely on the math, so I didn’t rush through. Though I admit, I was sweating the time there at the end. I recommend timing yourself when taking the practice exams. Also I used the McGraw Hill Nursing School Entrance Exam book that I rented from the city library. It’s a great little study guide, and I found all of the tests were very similar to the actual exam. My scores were pretty much the same on the test, compared to the scores in the practice tests!

    • trisha

      Amber, how was the math part? I plan to take the test within the next couple of months. I’m really worried about the math section cause I’m not that great in math. I’ve heard we need to know conversions.

      • Amber

        Trisha, the math is very basic! I am horrible at math. Just go through your practice questions in the chapter and take the practice exams and you’ll do fine. I was provided a basic computer calculator but honestly it’s nothing you can’t do on your own. I suggest knowing your improper fractions to mixed numbers. There were a few conversions but very simple mL-L, etc. I got an 88%, and like I said math hates me lol. Good luck on your test!! 🙂

    • stephanie

      I take the HESI on August 2nd, I’ve been studying for about a month!!
      I hope I get a 90%, or at least close to it!

  2. Bobby

    I just took the hesi entrance exam and I must say that generally there is no luck when taking a test. Either you know the correct answer or you do not.The tricky part is deciphering paragraphs in the R&C portion. I found it a little difficult when I was asked what the author was implying because there could be more than one answer. At least on my opinion.

    • Yeah, implication questions are tricky because it doesn’t usually come straight out and say word for word what the answer is in the reading. The R&C section was definitely draining for me when I took it because it’s so long and requires a lot of focus and concentration to get through all that reading!

  3. Joanna Bryant

    I take the HESI A2 next month and have heard that it is not that difficult but the time limit is the biggest challenge.

    • Very true, the content is a lot of basic knowledge type questions, but some sections in particular definitely take a long time because you really have to focus or do a lot of reading.

      • Paula

        Do you get points for the learning style and personality questions? I recently took the HESI and did aweful. Math is my worst subject and I focused more on Learning metics or I freaked out because I started with the math part first. I don’t know , But i need to get a much better score.

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