1. Sukurat lawal

    I took the hesi reading comprehension and I had less than 70.it’s really time consuming .I hope this tip helps.

  2. Jakaylea Bennamon

    This is very helpful. You motivated me even more. The book you stated is the book that I have been studying. I did pretty good with the reading comprehension. I will definitely use your tips. Thank you!

  3. keisha

    Love your tips..I took it and failed with a 65 needed a 70 .reading us my weakness.do you think u should do that first or do the easy ones like math first ..? Thanks

  4. Valeria Pereira-Brown

    I’m really worried about ALL the English portion of the Hesi A2 because English is my second language. I really like math, so I am not worried about it. Should I take the reading comprehension portion first? Thanks for all your tips, they are very helpful.

  5. Amy lynn

    I took the HESI A2 test yesterday an I took it right after the math portion. I made a 78%, and needed a 79% to pass fir my school. My downfalls were conclusion an understanding, however some of the passages were only two paragraphs with two different topics, or that’s how I took it. I felt that the questions asked made no since. Also I was asked a question on where a country was an there was no explication in the passage for the question. I couldn’t understand why I failed, being the first time I took it in 2012 I made a 88%, but failed the math. So I studied harder for math an passed it with a 94%, due to failing I’m retaking the entire test again tomorrow at a different college. I’m very nervous due to tge 1 point let down. Any suggestions on how to understand the question they are asking. They seam to not be specific to main ideas,conclusions, details, tone,purpose and summary. Any information towards this would help. I think my brain was tired by the time I got to the reading. Also reading is not my best subjec. So I’m trying to decide if I should do it first.

  6. Mike

    I recently took my hesi exam and scored 88% on the Reading section. I only marked half of the “conclusions” questions correctly. Any advice on “conclusion” type questions?

    Thank you,

  7. Ashley

    This was really helpful. My main problem is time management. I normally spend too much time on one question. Which makes me very nervous. Do you have any useful tips that will eliminate this attitude? I did my Hesi A2 exam for the first time on October 23, 2014 and I pass math and fail English. I got a 68 percent. I only needed 7 percent to pass since my school allow students to pass with a 75 percentile or better. My school only allow student to do one retake. My next retake is next week. November 20, 2014. I’ve been practicing and reading comprehension passages online as well as doing sample tests. I really want to pass. And I am. I just want to know how to control my time.

  8. Tiffany

    Reading comprehension was the only section I failed, I recieved a 76%. I needed at least and 80%. I am re-taking it this tuesday, thank you for the tips I will use them. By the time I got to the reading comp my eyes were tired so, do you reccomend I do it first? Also why I scored so low, the conclusions. I felt like someone of the test stories were were one story but two examples of the story that was very confusing, any tips to stay on track for that?

  9. Katie

    Hi 🙂
    The way you described the question set-up, I was wondering if, after answering a question and moving on to the next, are you allowed to return to a question?

  10. Sydnie

    Great information on this page. Im so nervous to take the Hesi test and especially the reading comphension part. Thank you for sharing your experience and a great strategy.

  11. pandie

    Thank you, keep the suggestions coming!! Very basic instructions that I feel has given me a good insight on what to expect…

  12. Sun-Ah K.


    So the question I have is that, if I leave the question blank do they mark it wrong on HESI-A2?

    Well hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

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