1. mustafa

    I am taking hessi A2 soon and I do not remember a lots of things in chemistry, Biology and A&P section. Can someone guide me from where I can Prepare for these sections please Thanks.

  2. robert moody

    I am retaking the Hesi for the first time in about a year and I remember the chemistry part being fairly simple. Yet I have been taking practice tests through some website my college recommended and the practice tests are going into so much detail on redox reactions and precipitate reactions along with the molar ratios to make certain product and I am kind of freaking out because I dont rememer the Hesi really going into that much detail on redox and precipate reactions..when you took it did it have alot of either?

  3. Glenn

    Your blog is so helpful thank you! I have a question regarding the chemistry section. Do you need to memorize elements characteristics, for example the atomic number of lithium? Some practice tests I’ve taken have questions where a periodic table is certainly necessary. Online I’ve been reading the chemistry section is basic, yet these practice test along with the study guide as you mentioned paint a much more difficult picture.

    • Hi Glenn,
      You shouldn’t need to memorize the periodic table. I see what you mean about some of the review questions in the study guide being misleading in that way. It’s definitely not the BEST study guide, but it’s the best one that I’m aware of!

      If you focus on understanding the characteristics of the elements on the periodic table then that should be fine. Basically, make sure you can identify the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons based on looking at the periodic table, and you will be likely to know enough to do well with those types of chemistry questions come test day.

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