Help with Fluids and Electrolytes

I’ll be introducing a series of posts this summer that will explain different concepts in Fluids and Electrolytes, and I need your help.  If you don’t already know how important Fluids and Electrolytes are for nursing students…they’re ESSENTIAL!  Fluids and electrolytes can be related to almost every single bodily function, disease process, and medication.  Can you even imagine trying to take care of a patient without caring about their fluid volume status?  That’s part of fluids and electrolytes!

Not only is it important in patients, but having a strong knowledge of fluids and electrolytes will also help you big time when it comes to answering NCLEX-style questions.  Once you begin to understand the fundamentals of how fluids and electrolytes act and interact in the body, then you can apply that knowledge to NCLEX-style questions covering a whole range of topics.

So here’s where I need your help.  What Fluid and Electrolyte topics do you need the most help with?  What concepts are the most difficult to understand?  Leave a comment below to let me know, or you can post a comment on my Facebook page, too.  I’ll be using your feedback to decide what study resources to make over the coming months…thanks for your help in making Your Nursing Tutor the most comprehensive nursing school resource available!

3 thoughts on “Help with Fluids and Electrolytes”

  1. Tewah

    Am starting pathophysiology on 28th of this month and i need help. I have been warned that it is difficult. Please help

  2. ginny

    Hello. I am in block one of the program and we covered fluid and electrolytes last week. I am having trouble grasping all of it at this point but I am re-reading my material and notes. I understand the basics such as osmosis, diffusion, and active transport. It’s the intricate details that are not clicking.

    1. What kind of intricate details are you having difficult with? I have a few other articles on my site about ABG interpretation if that is helpful to you!

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