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Hey there, Nursing Student! (or Pre-Nursing Student!) 

If you don’t already know me, my name is Nicole Whitworth, BSN, RN.

I’m a Professional Nursing Tutor with 12+ years experience…even though I failed my very first nursing school quiz when I first started nursing school. 
It was a HUGE blow for this hardworking perfectionist back then…especially because I had always gotten good grades before. It made me wonder…maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be a nurse after all?!?
Luckily, I realized that nursing school was unlike ANYTHING I had ever studied before (even though I also had a previous MA in Clinical Psychology!). I needed to figure out a different approach to studying so that I NEVER failed another nursing test…and I found it!
In fact, my method worked so well that my school hired me as their official nursing school tutor by the end of that same semester.
After graduating in 2008, nursing students continued asking me for help. I realized that most students were smart enough to know, deep down, that the common nursing school advice they got from other “experts” (including their instructors!!) wasn’t helping.
This led me to create Your Nursing Tutor and the VIP Tutoring Membership, which provides an affordable source of tutoring, mentoring, and positive support, no matter where you’re at on your nursing journey. 

What do you get with the VIP Tutoring Membership?

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Live Tutoring Support

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Access to weekly, live tutoring sessions via Zoom, where you get real answers that won’t leave you feeling dumb. Plus live, expert workshops on topics like Time Management, ADHD, Study Skills, Test Anxiety, and moreYour premium access to live, online tutoring will let you…

  • Avoid your instructor’s condescending eye roll (and exasperated sighs…) whenever you ask an honest question…ask a professional nursing tutor, instead!
  • Save time with expert advice, without having to watch endless YouTube videos or sift through hundreds of conflicting Google search results
  • Work with your schedule – submit questions in advance, and watch the replay when you have time
  • Receive the encouragement you need to keep on going when nursing school feels hard!

Here's how VIP Tutoring Membership has helped other nursing students:

Bailey failed 5 exams...then got an 80%!

Katherine finally broke the 90% barrier!

Private, VIP Facebook Group only for Members!


This is where you get to network with other serious nursing students who understand what you’re going through. and another opportunity to get your urgent questions answered outside of the live tutoring times. You’ll also be able to…

  • Celebrate your successes with people who genuinely want to see you succeed
  • Vent your frustrations in a safe place
  • Get the encouragement & motivation you need to continue!

How can VIP Tutoring Membership support you?

Nairoby made Nursing School "a breeze"

Dori Says, "Finally, I had the tools that I needed! "

Curated Resources for the Most Common Challenges!

With these targeted trainings, you’ll be able to: 

  • Remember more of what you study
  • Transform Dosage Calculations from a guaranteed panic attack, to guaranteed points on every exam!
  • Finally get test grades that are an accurate reflection of what you really know!
  • Easily “teach yourself”…even when your instructor doesn’t!
  • Avoid the frustration of only realizing the best answer after you submit your exam!

Make Nursing School Easier...and even fun!

Cheneille found the "Joy of Learning" again!

Jill got 100% on her Dosage Calc Exam!(On her FIRST try!)

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You don't have to WASTE TIME on USELESS ADVICE like, "study harder" or "read more rationales", while your GRADES stay stubbornly BORDERLINE...

(Especially when that vague advice comes from your instructor…!)

Instead, use Nursing School strategies that actually make nursing school easier for you!



At the scheduled time, you’ll click the Zoom link included in your VIP email reminder to join the live tutoring session. You’ll get to say “Hi” to your professional nursing tutor, along with all the other motivated nursing students who attend these “Open Office Hours” style Q&A. You’ll have a chance to share your successes for the week, and ask all your questions!

I encourage you to attend even if you don’t have any specific questions, because you’ll learn SO MUCH about how to think like a nurse from participating and listening to the questions other students ask, even if they’re currently in a different class than you.

That’s because the tutoring focus is always on helping you learn how to THINK…and that’s the REAL “secret” for how to make your nursing exams easier so that you can get better grades!

All of our live tutoring sessions (and live training workshops) are recorded. So if you can’t attend live, you can always watch the replay at your convenience. You can even submit questions in advance for me to answer on the recording, if you’d like!

Another option, even if you NEVER attend a live tutoring session, is to ask your questions in our private, VIP-members only Facebook Group, where you will always get a guaranteed answer.

And remember, even though our live sessions are super helpful and amazing…they’re not the ONLY benefits of VIP Tutoring Membership. You also get access to all the curated resources that are pre-recorded and available on-demand for you to use whenever you need them.

Absolutely! I LOVE when pre-nursing students join, because it gives you a chance to PREVENT all the nursing school “horror stories” that you hear other students complaining about.

As a pre-nursing student, I can provide you mentorship and guidance as you prepare to start your very first semester. And you can use your membership resources to learn the best study methods, eliminate your test anxiety, AND become a dosage calculation rockstar…all before your very first official nursing class.

Honestly, you don’t have time NOT to use this membership!

That’s because research shows that the most common study methods most students use (listening to lecture, reading your textbook, watching videos, etc) have the LOWEST retention rates. This means you could spend an hour studying, but only remember 5-20% of what you study during that time.

However, students who use more targeted study strategies (like the ones I’ll help YOU learn to use!) will retain as much as 75-90% of what you study.

So…which type of studying do you REALLY think you should make more time for?

It really doesn’t take a lot to make this membership worth the cost. Private tutoring costs $75/hour…if you attend as few as THREE live tutoring sessions during the next 12-months, then you’ve MORE than paid for the cost of the membership! The more you use it, the more you’ve saved!

And that doesn’t even consider any of the other benefits you also get, like asking questions in the private Facebook group OR using the online, on-demand trainings.

With your VIP Tutoring Membership, you get:

– INCLUDED – Live Group Tutoring Sessions via Zoom (replays available!)
– INCLUDED – Access to a Private Facebook Community ONLY for VIP Members.
– INCLUDED – Curated Resources for the most common Nursing School challenges you’ll face.

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VIP Tutoring Membership includes:

  • Mentorship from an experienced nursing tutor (who definitely won’t roll her eyes or reply sarcastically when you ask your questions…)
  • Proven methods to fix Test Anxiety, Dosage Calculations, Pharmacology, and more
  • Confidently knowing when you’ve studied enough (and what the most important information is)
  • An encouraging community of nursing students who will motivate and cheer you on

Christine rocked her HESI with a 1004 on the first try!

Aracelis wishes she had gotten tutoring support sooner!