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Our goal is to empower you to succeed in nursing school, while also maintaining your healthy life/school balance. From free resources to our premium Live Tutoring Membership, we’ve got options for every budget. Because when it’s time for you to graduate, we want you to be confident and ready to think like a nurse.

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Choose the level of support you need and sign up on our website. An email will arrive within 15 minutes to guide you on how to access your resources. If you don’t see the email, check your spam or promotions tab. If you still can’t find it, then email us at so we can help.

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We offer resources for a variety of budgets. Check our products page for the most current prices and options.

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We occasionally offer special promotions and discounts for certain products and services. The best way to find out about them is to be on our email list and read our emails. If you don’t receive our emails yet, make sure you sign-up so that you don’t miss out!

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We offer 2 primary types of resources to set you up for Nursing School success:

1) Self-Study courses: Perfect if you’re not ready for our membership OR only need help for one specific topic. These courses are self-paced and do not include live support.

2) Live Tutoring Membership: Get real-time guidance and mentorship, including live group tutoring sessions, exclusive access to our tutoring forums, plus access to all self-study courses.

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Whether you’re enrolled in LPN/LVN, RN, direct-entry MSN, ADN, BSN, Traditional, Accelerated, Bridging programs, or anything else, our focus on Clinical Judgment (which is the #1 skill NCLEX tests for) makes our programs suitable for all pre-licensure paths.

The Silver Bullet Study System is a simple, 4-step study strategy that mimics the way experienced nurses think so that you can think that way, too. It’s the best way to study in nursing school because it develops your own clinical judgment skills, the #1 thing you need to successfully pass exams.

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Our Live Tutoring Membership is different than other nursing school resources in 3 main ways:

1) Clinical Judgment Focused: The #1 goal of nursing school is to develop clinical judgment. We help you do that during your existing study time, without making you feel like you should constantly be “doing more”.

2) Live Interaction: Attend real-time, interactive sessions where you’re not just a face in the crowd. This personalization lets us help you better balance school with life.

3) Comprehensive Support: Get help on your own schedule. Access our private tutoring forums and a library of on-demand resources to tackle the common challenges nursing students face.

Basically, we offer more empowering, personalized, and core skill-focused approach than you’ll find from other tutors or resources.

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Our Live Tutoring Membership is more than just pre-recorded videos…you gain direct access to a Professional Nursing Tutor! Join in the weekly group tutoring sessions aimed at helping you think like a nurse. Ask any nursing-related questions you have, whether it’s about content, study strategies, or mentorship.

With average attendance between 3-15 students (depending on time of year), you won’t get lost in the crowd. Each session is interactive and personalized to meet your needs, making sure all your questions get answered.

Can’t make it live? No worries! All sessions are recorded for your convenience, so you can watch the video OR tune-in to our private, members-only podcast.

You’ll also have access to our exclusive tutoring forums. Post your questions anytime, and you’ll get a response within 24-48 hours, Monday through Friday.

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If you only need Dosage Calculations support, you have 2 options.

1) Self Study Dosage Calculations Jumpstart: A video course teaching the simple method to consistently get your dosage calculations correct. Includes a practice plan with practice questions. Self study courses do not include any live support. Learn more about Self-Study Dosage Calculations Jumpstart

2) Live Tutoring Membership: Get real-time guidance and mentorship, including live group tutoring sessions, exclusive access to our tutoring forums, plus access to all self-study courses, including the full Dosage Calculations course PLUS Bonus video solutions. Learn more about Live Tutoring Membership

Your Nursing Tutor is based in the United States, and has successfully helped nursing students in the US, Canada, and Australia. All nurses need to learn clinical judgment, no matter what country you live in!

While our Live Tutoring Membership is fantastic for developing your clinical judgment skills, which is the #1 thing NCLEX tests you on, it is not a traditional NCLEX Review Program. We firmly believe that if you use the Silver Bullet Study System to prepare throughout nursing school, then you won’t need a targeted NCLEX prep course! 

So the short answer is: if you are preparing for NCLEX and looking for a resource with lots of content review, then Your Nursing Tutor is probably not for you. However, if want to make sure your brain is “thinking like a nurse” in preparation for NCLEX, then this program could be a good choice!

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