15 Nursing School Tips from the Experts

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In this episode, I’m going to share one of my BEST tips to save time, avoid overwhelm, and maximize your chances of success in nursing school…

Discover the important mindset shift that will help you feel more confident AND make it easier to advocate for your patients while you’re still a nursing student.

Erica will be sharing her number 1 habit that you should be doing NOW, as a new student, to keep your overwhelm to a minimum, AND make it a lot easier to transition from nursing student to “real life nurse” later on after graduation.

Laura will be joining me to share her best strategy for self-evaluating HOW you’re doing in nursing school, and particularly in clinicals, so that you don’t have to suffer with a lack of confidence.

Esther will be on the show to tell you her absolute best hack for how to maximize your study time…especially when you spend a lot of time “on-the-go” while commuting, driving kids to soccer practice, washing dishes, walking dogs, or other “real life” activities.

Denetra will be on the show to reveal where you will find some of the most important information in your textbook…even though most nursing students will completely overlook this.

Devon is offering his advice about a question I get asked ALL the time by new and prospective nursing students…should you work while in nursing school? 

 Jenny is joining me today to share the number one thing you should do as a new nursing student that will make it easier to get the nursing job of your dreams later on…even if you’re not quite sure what that dream is yet.

Nurse Chelsey Rodgers, a Critical Care nurse and founder of Tribe RN, shares her genius method for staying motivated and preventing burn out, even when nursing school gets so tough that you’re ready to quit.

Linda has a perspective that I know a lot of you will appreciate, because she was 50 years young when she decided to start nursing school as a second career, after working as a public school teacher for 28 years. So if you’ve been wondering whether you’re “too old” for nursing school, I know you’ll want to hear what Nurse Linda has to say.

You’ll be hearing from Nursing Professor Kimberly Probus, who will tell you exactly what steps to take when dealing with a nurse bully, which is unfortunately something you’re probably going to face at some point in your nursing career, possibly even while you’re still in nursing school.

Today, you’ll be hearing from Nurse Keith Rischer, a nursing education innovator AND founder of KeithRN.com, who will share how to effectively deal with disrespectful nursing colleagues so that you don’t end up feeling constantly angry. 

Nurse Ashley will be telling you the most dangerous thing you can do as a new nursing student…and what you can do to avoid it. 

Devon will be sharing a special tip for all the aspiring male nurses out there, about how you can create quicker connections with your patients AND help them feel less anxious working with a male nurse.

Dr. Brad is joining us today to offer his THREE best tips to make Dosage Calculations easier so that you’re basically get GUARANTEED points all your Dosage Calculation exam questions correct.