64. How to memorize A&P (and overcome Imposter Syndrome!) with Leslie Samuel of Interactive Biology

Interactive Biology YouTube star (and fantastic teacher!), Leslie Samuel, joins us today to share his best tips for how to memorize A&P, how to overcome Imposter Syndrome during nursing school, and what to do if you’ve discovered that you need to go back and review A&P after you’ve already started your nursing classes.

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Transcript for Episode 64

Hey there! This is Nurse Nicole, founder of Your Nursing Tutor. I have to admit, when today’s podcast guest agreed to be on my show, I was definitely fangirling a little bit! So if you didn’t already realize that I’m a bit of a nerd before now, here’s your proof. That’s because today’s guest is Leslie Samuel of Interactive Biology, and he is so fantastic at breaking down A&P topics in a way that anybody can easily understand AND actually find them interesting!! I recommend his youtube channel all the time as a resource for nursing students who need to play “catch-up” with your A&P knowledge after you’ve already started your core nursing classes…and let’s be honest, that’s almost all of you, right? At least, almost all of my students that I work with discover that they haven’t learned and retained A&P as deeply as you need to in order to apply that knowledge to some of the higher level, critical thinking type questions and scenarios that you get in nursing school. And that’s why one of the topics you’ll hear me and Leslie discuss today is about how to memorize A&P! That’s a really common question I get as a professional nursing tutor, both from pre-nursing AND current nursing students. We also discussed another common nursing school challenge, which is Imposter Syndrome…if you’ve ever doubted that you’re “cut out” for nursing school, then you’ll definitely want to hear more about that. Before we jump into the interview, I want to remind you that you can get the links for Interactive Biology on the show notes page at www.YourNursingTutor.com/episode64, and you should definitely go there so you can subscribe to Leslie’s YouTube channel for yourself.Enjoy today’s episode!—————

——–I hope you enjoyed that interview with Leslie Samuel of Interactive Biology! Remember, if you go to the show notes page for today’s episode at www.YourNursingTutor.com/episode64, you can find the link to his website and his YouTube channel, as well as any other resources we mentioned today. And I highly recommend that you subscribe to his YouTube channel, because if you like my teaching style, then you will love his teaching style as well. And it can only help you prepare even better for nursing school success!Before you go, would you mind do me a 30-second favor? Would you go to Apple Podcasts and write a 2-sentence Review for Navigating Nursing School with Your Nursing Tutor? For the first sentence, simply tell me where you’re at on your nursing journey. Then in your second sentence, let me know why you like listening to this podcast. It’s one small way that you can support the mission of Your Nursing Tutor by helping other nursing students discover that it IS possible for “normal people” to get through nursing school without completely sacrificing your family, your job, or even your sanity. Until next episode, good luck on your nursing journey!

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