Easily remember the brain lobes

I wanted to share a couple of ways that have always helped me to remember the four lobes of the brain and what they do.  Some of them are a little bit silly, but I never forget them!

  • Frontal lobe is in the front and “on top of” everything else:  It’s in charge of conscious thought and decision-making
  • Occipital lobe is in the back, furthest place possible from the eyes:  It’s in charge of everything to do with processing vision
  • Parietal lobe is above the Temporal lobe:  It always kind of reminded me of the word “parent” (that’s the sort of silly part!) so that’s how I remember that it’s located superior to (aka above) the temporal lobe Just like a parent is “superior” or “above” a child.  Also, the Parietal lobe is where a lot of the sensory input is put together so that your brain can make sense of all the information coming in.  It is also home to the somatosensory cortex, which is the location that manages most of the sensations of touch.
  • Temporal lobe is by the temples/ears/below the parietal lobe:  Since it’s located by the ears, it helps you remember that it is primarily responsible for processing auditory input.

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