Does Your Learning Style Matter?

Does your Learning Style matter?  Short answer:  Yes!  Longer answer:   Yes, but…

But there are other things that matter, too.  A lot of students already know that learning style makes a difference in how well they learn information.  They might even have a pretty good idea about what their own learning style is (Auditory?  Visual?  Tactile/Kinesthetic?).  But what you might NOT know is how to incorporate your learning style into your study time.  And how to study and learn information deeply enough that it actually becomes a part of you, not just a random fact that disappears after the exam.

Over the next week I am going to highlight each of the three primary learning styles, and discuss how to identify your learning style, how to adjust your study strategies to compliment your learning style, and some of the common studying challenges that people with that learning style face (they might surprise you!).

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