Online Anatomy and Physiology classes

Nursing school has a lot of difficult pre-requisites, and students are often in a hurry to get them done so that they can get started with what they really want to do…becoming a nurse!  So it’s very tempting to take short-cuts in an effort to speed things along.  That’s not necessary a bad thing, unless your … [Read more…]

Prerequisites versus Corequisites

Applying for nursing school can be a very complicated process, and one mistake could land your application in the trash can instead of the “accepted” pile.  Luckily, some mistakes can be prevented simply by understanding some of the basic terminology used during the application process.  If you understand these two terms, then deciphering which classes … [Read more…]

LPN versus RN school

Pre-nursing students often ask me for advice on what kind of nursing program they should apply to.  But the answer will always vary depending on your specific situation. Should you always get your RN first? Not necessarily.  Nursing school is tough, regardless of whether you get your LPN or RN.  There are a lot of … [Read more…]