ABG Practice – Part 1

Show Answers Interpret the following ABG Values to determine what type of Acid-Base Imbalance is present. Uncompensated examples 1) pH: 7.30, PaCO2: 38, HCO3–: 18 2) pH: 7.25; PaCO2: 50; HCO3–: 23 3) pH: 7.49; PaCO2: 33; HCO3–: 25 Partially Compensated examples 1) pH: 7.48; PaCO2: 47; HCO3–:30 2) pH: 7.33; PaCO2: 49; HCO3–: 28 3) pH: 7.52; PaCO2: 52; HCO3–: … [Read more…]

Basics of the Respiratory System

Show Answers 1) What is the primary function of the respiratory system? 2) How many lobes do the lungs have? Why do you think that one side has fewer lobes than the other? 3) Besides providing a path for air, what are the 3 main functions of the nose? Or another way of phrasing the question: what are the benefits of … [Read more…]

Basics of the Renal System

Show Answers Identify the 4 major parts of the urinary system. What does each one do? o o o o   2. Let’s go waaay back to A&P. Remember the nephron, the functional unit of the kidneys? Not so much? Well it’s time to review! Describe the different parts (and sub-parts) of the nephron, and identify what each part does. You could … [Read more…]

Level of Consciousness (LOC)

Show Answers 1) What do you think it means to have an altered Level of Consciousness (LOC), and what are some possible causes?               2) What are some common terms that nurses and other medical personnel use to describe various levels of consciousness, and describe what kind of pt they would … [Read more…]

Intracranial Pressure (ICP)

Show Answers 1) What is ICP?           2) What are the 3 things inside the skull that affect ICP?   3) If one or more of those things increase and the body can’t compensate by reducing one of the others, then the ICP will increase. Identify the most common cause of ICP, and list its … [Read more…]

Basics of Neuro

Show Answers 1) What is a neuron? Draw one, and identify the major parts.  Don’t peak at the second page until you try it. And don’t complain about drawing, I’m definitely not an artist, but I drew one for the answer sheet!         2) What are the functions of the different parts of the neuron? P.S. If you didn’t … [Read more…]

Musculoskeletal Issues

Show Answers Compare Osteoarthritis to Rheumatoid arthritis.  What are the causes?  When do the affected joints get stiff?  Are they more painful with rest or with use?  Osteoarthritis   Rheumatoid arthritis   What are the primary types of medications used for Osteoarthritis?  What are the nursing considerations?     What are the primary types of … [Read more…]

Heart Failure

Show Answers In the latest textbooks, the terminology has changed. It used to be called Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), but the new term is just Heart Failure (HF). In this study guide we will use the term heart failure.   1) Review and redefine the terms preload, after load, cardiac output, stroke volume, and Starling’s law of the … [Read more…]

Basics of the Gastrointestinal System

Show Answers 1)  Describe how food gets from your lips to butt.  What organs does it travel through?  Name the organ, and include sphincters, valves, or other important landmarks in the sub-headings.  See if you come up with the same ones that I do.  Don’t peek at the answers until you have tried answering #1 … [Read more…]