Behind the Scenes at Your Nursing Tutor

So….obviously I’ve been slow in adding new study guides, blog posts, and videos to the website this semester.  I wanted to give you an explanation, and let you know what the plans are for Your Nursing Tutor in 2011.

First of all, I was hoping to have a lot more resources posted by now, but life rarely goes as planned!  When I don’t have my “Your Nursing Tutor” hat on, I’m a stay-at-home Mom with a (very active) 20-month old son and a daughter on the way.  Pile that on top of my volunteer activities, spending time with friends, my husband, and (oh yeah) a little bit of time to myself and it makes for a wonderful, but busy, life.

The main challenge has been time.  Ever since we started Your Nursing Tutor last spring, I have been looking for a babysitter to watch my son for a few hours a week so that I could spend more dedicated time growing Your Nursing Tutor.  Unfortunately, we have been through at least 3 babysitters now…which is why I am still waiting for that dedicated time!  I find someone we like, they start (or almost start), then their schedule changes unexpectedly and I have to start looking for someone new.  I swear it’s not my son’s fault, he’s actually a very happy and pleasant child 🙂

So I’m going through the interview process again, and hopefully will have a permanent sitter in place in January so that I can do even more with Your Nursing Tutor.  In the meantime, though, we’ve got lots of great study guides available, I’m still doing weekly Live Review Sessions on the topics that YOU get to pick, on-demand video recordings of previous Review Sessions, and the weekly newsletter.

In addition, I’m excited to announce that my first P.A.S.S. Program class has “graduated.”  It was a great semester with them, and I think we all learned a lot.  It was the first time that I have offered the P.A.S.S. program, but it won’t be the last.  We have plans to start another class in February, so definitely be on the look-out for that.  In the P.A.S.S. Program, we talk about things that will help you get through nursing school (or study for HESI/NCLEX after nursing school).  Usually we cover topics like test anxiety, study strategies, setting goals, and test-taking strategies.  But the P.A.S.S. program is all about YOU, so the topics depend a lot on what the students in the program most want help with.  Over the Christmas break, I’ll start putting out more information about the new P.A.S.S. class starting in February.

So anyway, that’s where we’re at right now.  I’m still working on things behind the scenes, but it will continue be a little bit slow in coming until I can find a good babysitter to help me out.  Then watch out…we’ll be doing even more P.A.S.S. classes, videos, blog posts, and study guides to help you get through nursing school with as little stress as possible!

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