Nicole Whitworth

Nicole Whitworth is the founder of Your Nursing Tutor. She has a BSN and an MA in Clinical Psychology, and has been a professional nursing tutor for over 12+ years. Nicole specializes in getting nursing students through school confidently and calmly so that everything finally "clicks". She is also the creator of the Silver Bullet Study System, an easy-to-follow study method that automatically trains your brain to become a nurse at the same time that you study for your normal nursing classes.

I Hate Mnemonics

I hate mnemonics.  Maybe that’s a little bit extreme, or even inflammatory.  After all, you can find entire study books dedicated to nursing mnemonics.  Maybe I should say “I Hate Most Mnemonics,” or even “Mnemonics are Not Your Friend.” Whatever.  The truth remains that I generally don’t like mnemonics.  I’ve seem them misused waaaaay too often by students.  And …

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