Are you Channel Surfing through Nursing School?

Sometimes, when you sit down to try and find something good on TV, you end up flipping through channels.  You’re not sure what’s on, but you’re on the hunt for something good.  You might catch bits and pieces of a history show, notice what’s for sale at QVC, and get annoyed by how many commercials there are.  Maybe you find one show that looks promising, but then there’s yet another commercial so you channel surf some more.  By the end of the evening, you either end up going to bed without ever really watching anything…or you stay up waaaay too late watching that 80’s movie you’ve already seen a hundred times.

Are YOU channel surfing through nursing school? 

I’m asking this as a serious question.  The reason I ask is because I talk to a lot of nursing students who have so many NCLEX Review books that they could open their own library…yet they rarely use them to study.  And then they come to me and ask for MY recommendation on what study resources are the best so they can add to their library.
Here’s my answer:  the best study resource is whatever you’ll actually use.  If you don’t use it, then it doesn’t matter if it’s a tutor, a textbook, a website, an iPhone app, or anything else you can think of…it’s worthless.
So take a moment today to take stock of your own situation.  What resources do you already have?  Are you using them?  Or are you “channel-surfing” through other available resources instead of committing to the ones you have?  I challenge you to pick one of the resources you already have available, and make a plan to start using it to supplement your studying.
Of course, you’re always welcome to pick Your Nursing Tutor as your resource to use 🙂  After all, I’ve got lots of free articles and study guides available 24/7 on my blog.  But I understand that some people might prefer a different format for their study resources, and that’s okay too.  You won’t hurt my feelings, as long as you stop “channel surfing” and commit to using something.

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