Anatomy of a Goal

For the past two blog posts, I’ve been talking about how you need a plan (remember to train hard, don’t try hard!), and you need to stick to that plan long enough to find out if it’s really effective.  Obviously, it’s easier to have confidence in a plan and trust that it will work when you’ve got an experienced “trainer” leading the way, because they’ve been there before and have seen what works for other people.  When you have confidence that your plan will work, then it’s easier to stick with it long enough to see results.
The stakes are high.  If you fail once or twice in nursing school, you could be asked to leave your program.  It’s no wonder that nursing students everywhere are a little nervous about picking a study plan and sticking to it…after all, if you pick the “wrong” plan, then your dream of becoming a nurse is put at risk!

So how long do you stick with a study plan before you decide it’s not working?   How do you decide what works and what doesn’t?  How do you pick which study plan to try in the first place?

I’ll be answering these questions and more over the next few blog posts as we explore the Your Nursing Tutor Easy 5-Step Method to setting GREAT Goals.  I’ll cover each of the 5-steps in more detail in each post:

  1. What is my goal?
  2. How will I measure it?
  3. What is my deadline?
  4. How am I going to do this?
  5. Why am I doing this?

Once you understand how to use these five easy steps, you’ll be able to put together a plan to tackle anything nursing school (or life!) can throw at you.  We’ll get started on Step One tomorrow!

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