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How Your Nursing Tutor Came About

In 2007 I became one of those crazy people who enroll in an Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN Program. In fact, I was also hired by my school as a nursing tutor…the only one available.

Needless to say, I worked with a lot of students, and quickly noticed that they all experienced similar frustrations and challenges. Namely:

  • How do I know what’s most important to study?
  • What should I focus on in the textbook?
  • How can I get rid of test anxiety?
  • How do I learn to think like a nurse?

Encouragement is a BIG part of tutoring. And I was sooo thankful that I could fall back on my previously earned MA in Clinical Psychology to help me deal with the fear and anxiety I saw in my tutoring students!

To top it off, my personal experience in nursing school was shaping up much differently: I found myself becoming more and more confident in my nursing knowledge as school progressed. How could I help my students feel the same way?

I tried an experiment: teaching my tutoring students how I studied. And it seemed to help them.

Eventually I graduated (woo-hoo!!), but nobody was available to continue tutoring at my alma mater. For years, I received calls from nursing students desperate for help…but as a new RN working in a Pediatric Operating Room, and later as a Pediatric Phone Triage Nurse, I didn’t have very much “free” time!

In 2010, less than a year after our first child was born, it finally occurred to me that I could use technology to help more nursing students! Yay for the internet!

And Your Nursing Tutor was born!

Since then, I have worked to help nursing students by providing both free and budget-friendly resources to support their journey through nursing school. I provide Live Tutoring and support to nursing and pre-nursing students through the VIP Tutoring Membership, which helps nursing students study efficiently and train their brain to think like a nurse.

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