“Why is it that Nursing School is such a terrifying and miserable experience for so many students, even when they work hard and do all the right things?”

THAT was the question that created Your Nursing Tutor in 2010.

I had been tutoring nursing students for several years already, ever since I started as a peer tutor while in Nursing School myself. But after graduating with my BSN, I continued receiving calls from desperate, frustrated nursing students looking for a better way to succeed in Nursing School.

An easier way. A way that earned the grades they needed AND prepared them for their future nursing role, all while balancing their other life priorities (like work and family!) as well.

As I worked with more students, I saw the same pattern of problems over and over again

  • Overwhelmed by textbook reading
  • Too much to memorize
  • Problems with retention
  • Trouble identifying the most important information
  • Difficulty understanding what NCLEX questions were really asking
  • Narrowing test questions down to 2 answers…and always choosing the wrong one!

Over and over, I saw students try to fix their problems with the same old strategies they’d always used…the same old strategies many of their instructors and experienced nurses also recommended.

But the common study advice didn’t help! It was like Nursing Students were being told to get in a car and “Drive faster!”, even though what they really needed was to make a complete U-Turn…because no matter how fast they went, they were all “driving” in the wrong direction!

That’s how (and why!) I developed the Silver Bullet Study System…to replace the commonly recommended (and really bad!) Nursing School study advice with better advice that is concrete, actionable, easy-to-follow, and effective!

The Your Nursing Tutor way of tackling Nursing School isn’t for everyone…some students still hopelessly cling to the “old ways” of doing school, looking for someone to spoon feed them what they need to know.

But other students (maybe you, perhaps?) recognize the urgent need to move beyond the ways our broken education system has taught you to study in the past…and to practice new study strategies that improve your understanding, retention, and mastery of what you need to know.


So that you can develop Clinical Judgment skills for yourself, and become an amazing nurse when you graduate.


Now, after over a decade of helping Nursing Students, our community has grown and so have our resources. Whether you’re a “do-it-your-selfer” who wants to be shown how to study and then take it from there, or more of a “hold-my-hand-while-I-learn”person who wants the personalized approach of working with an experienced Professional Nursing Tutor to speed up your success, we’ve got options to help you make Nursing School a better, more successful experience.


Because Nursing School does NOT have to be a terrifying, miserable experience when you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and you’ve got a community of experts and peers guiding you and cheering you along the entire way!

About Your Nursing Tutor’s Founder:

🌻 Nicole 🌻

Before dreaming of becoming a nurse, Nicole was busy pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology. At least, until she met her future husband, Daniel, via online dating (side note: this happened before online dating was common, back when people still responded with “weren’t you afraid of being murdered?!?” instead of responding with, “Oh, we met that way, too!”).

After earning her MA in Clinical Psychology, Nicole changed tracks and started her 2nd Degree Accelerated Bachelors Program the same month that iPhones became available (that would be in the stone ages of 2007). By the end of her first semester, she was hired as the official peer tutor, and successfully tutored students at all levels of nursing school (yes…even for classes she hadn’t taken yet!!).

She graduated in 2008 with her BSN, and passed NCLEX-RN shortly after. Since then, she has worked as a Pediatric Operating Room nurse, and an After-Hours Pediatric Phone Triage nurse, before finally finding her true passion as a Professional Nursing Tutor.

Nicole launched Your Nursing Tutor in 2010, a year after the birth of their first child, in response to the glaring need for a REAL solution to the major problems of modern Nursing education…a solution that didn’t involve the frustration of asking students to simply “do more” of what they were already doing.

Nicole and Daniel now have six delightful children. They keep very busy homeschooling them, while simultaneously running Your Nursing Tutor and their other online businesses. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys staring at sunflowers and writing steamy fantasy/romance novels.

Along with Nicole and Daniel, Your Nursing Tutor wouldn’t be possible without a wonderful team of people who are just as passionate about supporting future nurses as they are. Welcome to our community!