3 “No” Rules to Follow Over Thanksgiving Break

Happy Thanksgiving!  You’re on the home stretch for the semester, just a few more weeks to get through.  Here’s 3 tips you can use to maximize your Thanksgiving Break while still getting a good balance of rest and studying accomplished.


Rule #1:  No TV

What’s more tempting to do at Thanksgiving than veg out in front of the TV, preferably in a post-turkey haze?  Resist the urge!  Although TV feels like an opportunity to tune out and relax, it’s actually a waste of time.  Trust me, I’ve been there!  TV leaves you feeling tired and worn out, but without the benefit of having actually accomplished anything.  Plus, TV helps you ignore your sleep signals, which means you’re more likely to zone out and stay up way past your bedtime.  And don’t get me started on all the extra leftovers you’ll be more likely to eat while sitting on the couch!  It all adds up to one result:  a yucky, tired feeling at the end of a wasted weekend.  And that kind of feeling won’t leave you refreshed or ready to tackle the end of the semester.  Find something better to do with your time than TV…like sleeping 🙂

Rule #2:  Don’t Rely on Retail Therapy

Black Friday sales are tempting, but let’s face it:  you’re a broke nursing student!  Unless you’ve got a sugar daddy who is willing to fund your shopping habit, then make an effort to stay out of the stores this weekend.  It might make you forget your nursing school stress temporarily, but not having enough money to pay your bills (or your tuition) later on is definitely not worth it.  Instead, find some free ways to reduce stress and enjoy the break.  Try taking that relaxing bath you never had time for, or you could even pick up a fun read from the local library.  Better yet, invite some friends or family over for a game night.  Textbooks not invited!

Rule #3:  No Studying…but only for one day

Thanksgiving break should be just that:  a BREAK!  So don’t go on a guilt-induced study binge that leaves you feeling even more tired and stressed out then you did during the semester.  Give yourself permission to take a whole day off.  Then make sure to use that time to rest and refresh yourself.  (aka:  refer to Rule #1!)  But on the other hand, make sure that you only give yourself one day off.  Spend the rest of the weekend doing a reasonable mix of studying, completing assignments, and practicing NCLEX type questions or else you’ll find yourself panicking on Sunday night because you feel completely unprepared for class the next day.  Don’t put yourself in the position of having to pull an all-nighter just because you took too much of a break.

Follow these 3 simple “No” rules over Thanksgiving, and you’ll be ready, refreshed, and prepared to tackle finals in the coming weeks.

Which of the “No” rules do you find the most difficult to follow?

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