Did you know that learning to THINK LIKE A NURSE is the most important thing you can do to succeed?

Do you realize that most nursing schools don’t know how to teach you this essential skill? They just hope that you will be able to figure it out on your own!

Do you want to risk your dream of becoming a nurse on the chance that you’ll be one of a lucky few that “figure it out?”

Or would you rather work with someone who can guide you step-by-step through the process until you know exactly how to learn to think like a nurse?


Dear Nursing Students (and Pre-Nursing!) Students,

Trying to find a way to improve your critical thinking skills?

Are nursing pre-requisites and nursing classes more difficult than you thought they’d be?

Is your time maxed out, but you still can’t fit everything in?

Are you embarrassed by the thought that you might actually fail?

Do you spend time reading, highlighting, and memorizing textbooks, but still struggle on your exams?

Do you feel frustrated because you know it’s important to think like a nurse…but you don’t know how?

Back when I was in nursing school, I was just like all of my classmates. I used to feel tired and frustrated all the time. I would study for hours and hours only to find that my best efforts still resulted in poor grades. I knew there had to be a better way to make it through school and become a nurse. Then, through much trial and error, I was finally able to figure out the BIG SECRET…

…it’s not HOW MUCH you study, but HOW YOU STUDY that matters.

Once I discovered this key principle, nursing school suddenly became MUCH easier! I figured out the secrets of how to study nursing material, and quickly became the person everyone wanted to study with. In fact, I started doing SO well that my teachers even asked me to tutor students who were ahead of me in the program!

The more students I tutored, the more I began to see a pattern. Most students were working extremely hard using what they thought were the right study methods (methods YOU are probably using right now!), but found that their grades continued to suffer. Worst of all, they were still not able to really understand or retain the information long-term.

Some of these students had been written off as “lazy” or even “stupid,” but I knew from working with them that it wasn’t true. They worked hard and were obviously very smart. I knew there had to be another problem. But when I finally realized what the REAL problem was, it shocked me. It turns out that…

…some of the most common study methods used actually PREVENT you from learning to think like a nurse!

Even study methods that used to work well in high school or other college classes can suddenly stop working in nursing school. This is why you might spend every spare second studying, yet still have difficulty passing. It’s why the commonly given advice to “study harder” or “do more NCLEX questions” won’t make you more successful. And it’s also why you can’t learn how to think like a nurse!

There is HOPE!

The answer to the problem is actually the opposite of what most students (and even teachers!) would guess…which is why very few nursing students are able to figure out the best study techniques unless someone more experienced tells them what they are.

Over the years, I’ve been using, refining, and teaching these study techniques to my private tutoring students. But I also realize that the expense of hiring a private tutor is simply out of the question for most cash-strapped nursing students.

So I developed a solution that would allow me to share these techniques with any student across the country (and even around the world), as long as they are willing to work hard and invest in themselves to ensure success.

The PASS Program is the solution.

The PASS Program is a collection of my very best techniques, methods, and strategies for studying nursing material, all compiled into a convenient online format…just for you! Throughout the 8-lesson course, I will show you how to:

Identify and avoid the WRONG study methods

Choose the BEST study techniques that maximize your personal strengths

Understand the nursing material, instead of just trying to memorize it

Conquer your test anxiety using my proven “Triple R” technique

Achieve balance in your life (yes…it’s possible!)

Apply my simple 4-step Study Method to even the most complex nursing topic (including specialties like Pediatrics, Psychiatric, and Maternity!)

Get the most out of your Care Plans in the least amount of time

Empower yourself to grow into a confident, successful nurse who is prepared for anything!

Don’t waste your precious time and tuition trying random study techniques that may or may not work. I know that you don’t want to risk your dream of becoming a nurse simply because you aren’t sure which study methods are the best! So save yourself the time and effort, avoid the risk, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re on the right track with nursing school.

“If I had known about the PASS Program at the beginning of nursing school (which I have already completed at this point), then I would have LOVED to have used your program!!!! It would have helped me focus and manage my time so much more! Also, it probably would have decreased my anxiety!

Thank you, Nicole, I wish more people out there were trying to help nursing students like you are.”

– Kristi (Katy, TX)

The PASS Program has everything you need to become a nursing school success story, including:

Convenient, bite-sized video segments designed to fit into your busy schedule – even if you’re in the middle of a semester

Clear, step-by-step guidance so that you always know exactly what to do next

Action steps that easily fit into your current study routine so you start seeing results more quickly

Dozens of downloadable resources that prepare you to complete the recommended activities

Links to all of the best nursing websites and resources that I personally recommend

Encouragement that you can grow into the AWESOME nurse I know you want to be!

As if that wasn’t enough, if you buy TODAY, I’ll also throw in two special bonuses:

BONUS #1: Hone your test-taking skills with 17 NCLEX practice videos that you won’t find anywhere else

BONUS #2: Unlimited email support for any of your nursing questions, all answered personally by me

“Nicole, you have been God sent. Your encouragement, assistance, and prayers got me through the HESI and NCLEX. Sometimes it’s difficult for students to know whether they are making the right choice when they encounter a new tutor or website. I for instance had no idea what it was going to be like when I sent you my first email, but you responded personally and became more like a friend who was always there. All I know is I am thankful to God to have found you.”

– Angelina (Chicago, IL)

Select which of our 3 Options is right for you:

The Original PASS Program

Learn all the essential study methods I teach my private tutoring students, minus the hefty price tag! Each module includes over an hour of bite-sized videos, plus downloadable handouts.  You’ll receive one module per week over 8 weeks, and will have access to the PASS Program for a total of 90-days from today.

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Original PASS Program – A one-time payment of $99!

The FAST PASS Option

Don’t have time to wait 8 weeks to get all of the valuable PASS Program modules?  Want the information right now so that you can review the topics most relevant to you, and skip around as needed for the entire 90-days?

Then join the FAST PASS, and receive the same great benefits included in the Original PASS Program, PLUS you can access all 8 modules within minutes.

FAST PASS – $149 for immediate access to everything!

NEW: Lifetime PASS Option

Want the benefits of the Fast PASS, but afraid you’re too busy to finish before it expires? Would you prefer an option that never expires?

Join the Lifetime PASS, and you’ll receive all 8 modules immediately and forever. If you get too busy, or want to go back and review later, the Lifetime PASS will be waiting for you.  Plus, you’ll automatically receive any improvements and updates we make to the PASS Program in the future!

Lifetime PASS – $197 for immediate access to the entire PASS Program, forever!

“The information in your PASS program is invaluable at this point in my nursing career. Since I am a visual learner your video tutorials are a perfect fit. Thank you for your passion to educate future nurses which at times is lacking in the current structure of nursing programs.”

– Eugene (Boston, MA)

Best of luck in nursing school!

Nicole Whitworth,

Founder of Your Nursing Tutor, and Creator of the PASS Program

P.S. Have I mentioned my 100% Money-Back Guarantee yet? If the PASS Program is not what you expected, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply let me know and I’ll be happy to refund your money. That means there’s absolutely NO RISK for you to sign-up for the PASS Program today!

“Dear Nicole,
Your Nursing Tutor website just helped me pass an Endocrine test. You simplified the information and it sunk in. Please continue to share what knowledge you have gained. It takes a special person to reach a goal, and then look back to help others! From the bottom of my heart, I thank YOU!!!”

– Mary Beth (Buffalo, NY)


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