Newsletter Update (Issue 34)

I’ve been keeping all my email newsletter readers up-to-date on the happenings in my life, but I realized I’ve been neglecting my blog readers!!  So sorry! I’m currently pregnant, and due any day (seriously…my belly’s so big I feel like I’m going to fall over), so I’m taking a short break from some aspects of … [Read more…]

Tactile Learning Style

Although exact numbers a difficult to find, many websites seem to suggest that Tactile Learners are in the minority.  When I started tutoring nursing students, however, I was surprised to find that most of my students considered themselves tactile learners.  And when I conducted a survey of Your Nursing Tutor members a few week ago, … [Read more…]

How to Stay Motivated

One of the toughest things in nursing school is staying motivated to do the hard work and studying that needs to be done in order to succeed.  It gets even harder when you encounter a challenge like failing a class, an exit HESI, or NCLEX.  How do you hang on to that fresh, excited, energetic … [Read more…]

Newborn Birthmarks

Even though we’re supposed to think babies are cute, let’s face it…newborns look kind of weird when they first come out!  Standardized exams like HESI and NCLEX (not to mention your class exams) will frequently test you on whether you can tell the difference between a harmless mark on a newborn, and one that requires … [Read more…]

Heart Sounds

In last night’s Q&A session, we went over a few NCLEX-style review questions.  One question asked about the heart sound S3.  Now, I don’t pretend to be perfect know-it-alls who get every question right…and I happened to get this one wrong!  We are learning new things all the time, just like any nurse.  So I … [Read more…]