Endocrine Case Studies

Show Answers Shirley, a 34 year old woman comes to the physician’s office complaining of feeling jittery all the time and suffering from intolerance to heat. The physician rules out menopause because Shirley is young. He suspects hyperthyroid disease. What other symptoms will the physician look for in Shirley to suggest a diagnosis of hyperthyroid disease? What … [Read more…]


Show Answers Fill in the chart   Arrhythmia  What’s wrong on the EKG? Treatment or medication What should the nurse do? Normal sinus rhythm     Sinus bradycardia     Sinus tachycardia     PAC       A trial fibrillation       Atrial flutter       First degree heart block     … [Read more…]

Basics of Diabetes

Show Answer NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Normally, I recommend that you try to complete a study guide on your own before looking at the answer key. But this study guide is a little different. This time, I want you to try answering a question on your own, then looking it up in your textbook if necessary. After you have … [Read more…]

Asthma Medications

Show Answers Asthma is Chronic Inflammation of airway that causes the airway to “overreact” when exposed to an airway irritants   1) Name the 3 ways that the airway “overreacts” during an asthma attack. 1. 2. 3.   2) Name the four categories of anti-inflammatory drugs, describing how each one works to improve asthma symptoms. Identify one common … [Read more…]

Basics of the Cardiac System

Show Answers 1) What are some non-pathological reasons for bradycardia?  Pathological? Non-pathological: Pathological: 2) What are some non-pathological reasons for tachycardia?  Pathological? Non-pathological: Pathological: 3) Cardiac Output =    Heart Rate   x       Stroke Volume      a) ↓HR x ↑SV = ___ CO b) ↑HR x ↑SV = ___ CO c) ↑HR x ↓SV = ___ CO … [Read more…]

Newsletter Update (Issue 36)

In this week’s issue: Quick Poll Results Nicole’s Notes Quick Poll Results 66% of you think that Care Plans are “pointless” or that they take you waaaay too long to write!  Only 34% of Your Nursing Tutor students see how Care Plans are helpful in understanding what’s going on with the patient.  This is why … [Read more…]