1. Felicia Cirlos

    I appreciate your positive outlook on what you imagined would be a not so great clinical experience. I’m starting clinicals at the hospital and this is something great that we can take with us because in reality were always learning something new as nurses and every assignment were given, no matter how small, can present a learning opportunity. My first day at clinicals at the hospital we had to move medical equipment all day, fun day your thinking, but it turned out to be a great opportunity to get familiar with the hospital and get to know the nurses and staff members we are going to work with. So it’s all about your mindset and having a positive approach that will determine what you will get out of your day.

    • What a great example of turning a seemingly boring experience into something very useful! I bet the staff will all appreciate that you know your way around (and know where equipment is stored!) as you continue your clinical rotation. And that will probably make them more friendly and helpful to you when you ask questions. Awesome!

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