1. mark glover

    Hello I am Mark and a Nursing Student, just starting a fast track, from Paramedic (3ys) to RN. I have some experience in A&P from Mortuary School, Paramedic school and some Class at a regular university. However, Its been since 1989 for most of the sciences. A RN way of thinking is strange in the interventions to me because a intervention to a paramedic, is to administer the appropriate drug following and quick assessment according to vitals and EKG interpretations. As a paramedic, I asses and treat acute problems found. Pulse, Airway, Circulation. look for Arrhythmia, say, symptomatic SVT, obtain vitals, interpret EKG, start IV, Administer Adenosine, 6 mg IV push, cardiovert if needed and etc.. Your way of thinking and teaching is perfect for my learning style! Its hard to remember my patient is already in the hospital vs walking through the door! thanks again, Mark

  2. Danielle

    Hi i am in my last semester of nursing school , which is a trauama and critical care. I have ALWAYS been an A/B student throughout nursing school and all of a sudden i am struggling. This week we are learning all about burns, spinal cord injuries and TBI. Do you have any application/analysis questions that can help? Or any good information to help me pass? Tha k you!!

  3. natasha

    Hi Nicole, I’m a new member on here.. I’m curious to know if you’ve heard of success in using memory palaces aka memory journey in nursing school? Thanks 🙂

  4. Cari Wright

    I was just using On Old Olympuses Towering Top A Fin And German Viewed Some Hops. All it really helps me with is remembering what Number each of the cranial numbers are. And really all the O’s get mixed up for me.

    • Hi Cari,

      Yes! I have used that one too. Although, I’ll be honest….the original version I learned was a little “dirtier” 🙂 And I still always got the O’s mixed up, too!

  5. Marty Anderson

    I am waiting to hear back if I got into nursing school. Is your course for students prior to nursing school or during nursing school?

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