Is it YOURS?

There’s a lot of pressure to succeed, and not all of it comes from your school. You probably feel pressured by friends, family, and even yourself to do what you said you wanted to do: become a nurse! But whenever you set a goal, you need to be very careful to use Step Five to … [Read more…]

A method to AVOID the madness

When you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, your stress levels increase. You can’t tell if you’re studying too much (or too little), and you don’t even know if what you’re doing will help you accomplish what you need. As a result, many students procrastinate, paralyzed by the fear that they’re not going … [Read more…]

The Dreaded Deadline

If you’ve been following along with this goal-setting series, then you’ve already established what you’re trying to accomplish (step one), and how you’re going to know when you succeed (step two). We’re exactly in the middle of our series on goal-setting today, so let’s get down to it… Step Three: The Dreaded Deadline Do you … [Read more…]

How do you measure success?

Were you able to identify any goals for yourself after the last article? Today we’re moving on to… Step Two: Measuring Success Once you’ve identified your goal, you need to define what it will look like when you’ve been successful at that goal. If you don’t define the finish line, then you’ll never know when … [Read more…]

What is your goal?

Do you have a goal? Since you’re a member of Your Nursing Tutor, I’m going to guess that you have at least one goal: to become a nurse! Identifying THAT goal is easy…but did you know that you’re going to need to set a lot more goals than that in order to succeed in nursing … [Read more…]

Anatomy of a Goal

For the past two blog posts, I’ve been talking about how you need a plan (remember to train hard, don’t try hard!), and you need to stick to that plan long enough to find out if it’s really effective.  Obviously, it’s easier to have confidence in a plan and trust that it will work when you’ve got an experienced … [Read more…]