Solute, Solvent, Solution: An Easy (and Ugly) Explanation

Solute, Solvent, Solution

Solute, Solvent, Solution: An Easy (and Ugly) Explanation Sometimes alliteration (consecutive words that all start with the same sound) can be helpful. Other times, it makes it harder to remember what you’re studying. What about when it comes to solute, solvent, and solution? This is one of those times that alliteration makes things harder.  You’ve … [Read more…]

ABG Practice – Part 1

Show Answers Interpret the following ABG Values to determine what type of Acid-Base Imbalance is present. Uncompensated examples 1) pH: 7.30, PaCO2: 38, HCO3–: 18 2) pH: 7.25; PaCO2: 50; HCO3–: 23 3) pH: 7.49; PaCO2: 33; HCO3–: 25 Partially Compensated examples 1) pH: 7.48; PaCO2: 47; HCO3–:30 2) pH: 7.33; PaCO2: 49; HCO3–: 28 3) pH: 7.52; PaCO2: 52; HCO3–: … [Read more…]

Metabolic Acid-Base Imbalances

Acid and Base Imbalances fall into two primary category types:  Respiratory and Metabolic.  Understanding the underlying physiology of what can cause each type is essential to being able to confidently answer NCLEX questions related to Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs), fluids and electrolytes, or any illness that can cause an acid or base imbalance. Metabolic Acidosis … [Read more…]

Respiratory Acid-Base Imbalances

Have you ever felt confused or even intimidated by Acid-Base Imbalances?  If so, you’re not alone…the topic of Fluids and Electrolyte is one of the most asked about here at Your Nursing Tutor.  Which is good, because Fluids and Electrolytes are also one of the most important topics that you need to be successful as … [Read more…]

Simplify the pH Scale

If you want to understand Acidosis and Alkalosis, you’ve GOT to understand the pH scale.  It’s pretty easy to get confused by which direction is more acidic, and which direction is more basic.  And when you combine that with the anxiety you feel during an exam, you’re almost guaranteeing that you’ll end up second-guessing yourself…unless … [Read more…]

Help with Fluids and Electrolytes

I’ll be introducing a series of posts this summer that will explain different concepts in Fluids and Electrolytes, and I need your help.  If you don’t already know how important Fluids and Electrolytes are for nursing students…they’re ESSENTIAL!  Fluids and electrolytes can be related to almost every single bodily function, disease process, and medication.  Can … [Read more…]