Heart Failure

Show Answers In the latest textbooks, the terminology has changed. It used to be called Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), but the new term is just Heart Failure (HF). In this study guide we will use the term heart failure.   1) Review and redefine the terms preload, after load, cardiac output, stroke volume, and Starling’s law of the … [Read more…]


Show Answers Fill in the chart   Arrhythmia  What’s wrong on the EKG? Treatment or medication What should the nurse do? Normal sinus rhythm     Sinus bradycardia     Sinus tachycardia     PAC       A trial fibrillation       Atrial flutter       First degree heart block     … [Read more…]

Basics of the Cardiac System

Show Answers 1) What are some non-pathological reasons for bradycardia?  Pathological? Non-pathological: Pathological: 2) What are some non-pathological reasons for tachycardia?  Pathological? Non-pathological: Pathological: 3) Cardiac Output =    Heart Rate   x       Stroke Volume      a) ↓HR x ↑SV = ___ CO b) ↑HR x ↑SV = ___ CO c) ↑HR x ↓SV = ___ CO … [Read more…]