The Best Time to Study Was 3 Months Ago…

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by Nicole Whitworth on April 4, 2014

“The best time to plant a tree is 20-years ago.  The second best time is today.”  Chinese Proverb

“The best time to study properly is at the beginning of the semester.  The second best time is today.”  Your Nursing Tutor Proverb


We all have regrets.  Often, those regrets have to do with something we wish we would have done sooner so that we could be reaping the benefits now…like studying!  In nursing school, it’s too easy to focus on what is urgent, instead of what’s important (I talk in more detail about this issue of urgent versus important in the PASS Program).  It’s kind of like collecting acorns instead of planting them, where acorns are nursing facts and planting them is good study habits.

Yeah, I like corny analogies.  It’s part of my charm as a tutor.  Or so I tell myself whenever I create corny analogies.

In any case, it may seem urgent to grab as many acorns as possible when there are millions of them scattered all over the ground (and in your textbook).  After all, you never know how many you will need!  What if you plant some and they never grow?  What if the squirrels get them first?  What if???  And why won’t anybody even tell you how many acorns you need, anyway? Is this some sort of strange, nursing school conspiracy to make you…nuts?!?! [click to continue…]


Does Heartburn Cause Cancer?

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by Nicole Whitworth on March 27, 2014

I have 3 kids under the age of 5.  So when I had the chance to go grocery shopping the other day all by myself, I jumped on it.  What a wonderful feeling, gliding lightly through the parking lot, feeling the breeze in my hair, noticing the trees preparing for spring.  Not having to mutter crazy things like “Please give that half-eaten sandwich back to the seagulls,” or “Of course we’ll say hi to the lobsters when we get inside.”  Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring the most joy…

In any case, I was very much enjoying my mini vacation.  And since my attention was free to wander, I happened to see a bumper sticker I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.  The car parked next to me stated “Heartburn can cause Cancer.”  Being a nurse, I immediately wondered…is that true? [click to continue…]


I Hate Mnemonics

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I hate mnemonics.  Maybe that’s a little bit extreme, or even inflammatory.  After all, you can find entire study books dedicated to nursing mnemonics.  Maybe I should say “I Hate Most Mnemonics,” or even “Mnemonics are Not Your Friend.” Whatever.  The truth remains that I generally don’t like mnemonics.  I’ve seem them misused waaaaay too often by students.  And […]

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Why you NEED to know about Bloom’s Taxonomy

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You might have heard about Bloom’s Taxonomy, even if you’re not sure what it is. Bloom’s Taxonomy is the framework used to create and measure the difficulty of the questions you answer on NCLEX. If you answer enough of the more difficult, higher-level question types, then you pass. If you can only answer the easier, […]

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Is Your 2014 Off to a Good Start?

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Is your 2014 off to a good start?  Or do you already feel like you’re hanging on for dear life?  Many times nursing students approach the holidays with great intentions to review old material and get a head start on the upcoming semester.  Just as many times, the spring semester rolls around and you’re still […]

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Did You Fail a Class?

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Were you one of the many nursing students who failed a class last semester?  It sucks.  It’s way more than just a bad grade.  It also hits you emotionally and financially in addition to academically.  And if you intend to continue in nursing school and try again, then it’s going to be essential for you […]

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HESI A2 – Reading Comprehension

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When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble for reading after bedtime.  I kept a flashlight in my bedside drawer so I could start reading under the covers after my parents tucked me in at night.  Of course, they occasionally came back up to check on me and discovered my nerdy disobedience! […]

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The Flu Vaccine Myth

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Flu season is well upon us, and the final end-of-semester “push” is over for most of us.  Have you ever noticed how you always seem to get sick immediately after Finals are over? Yeah, there’s actually a good reason for why that happens.  It has to do with your stress hormones, but that’s a whole […]

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HESI A2 – Chemistry

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Chemistry was never my strong suit.  I took Honors Chemistry 101 my very first semester the first time I went to college to study Psychology (nursing was my second degree a few years later).  For my second semester I ditched the Honors class and took standard Chem 102.  I remember frantically studying for my final […]

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How to Calculate the Final Exam Grade You Need to Pass Your Class

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I’m a big fan of setting goals, and I would guess that passing your class is probably a priority goal for you by the end of the semester.  If you’ve been getting straight A’s so far, then you’re probably feeling pretty confident.  However, if you’re human like the rest of us, then you probably didn’t […]

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